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Organic Search Engine Optimization (organic SEO), is an algorithm-driven results marketing technique that leverages getting “naturally” listed within the search engines.  This means that you are getting traffic for free versus paying for ads, and as I always like to say, free traffic is the best type of traffic.

In order to succeed with organic search engine optimization, you need to also understand the underlying methodologies required to get your pages listed within Google and the other top SEO’s.  In order to do this, you need to understand how oragnic search listings work and I am going go provide you with some excellent tips to getting your sites listed, or simply getting pages listed within the SE’s.

Tip #1: Don’t keyword spam your content

Many people have to the desire or have been misinformed that obtaining organic search results is all about the “target keyword”.  Sure this has something to do with it and it should be thought about when writing the article, but I have seen some articles with less than a 1% density get top SEO rankings under highly competitive terms.  I have also seen pages without the keyword on it get ranked!!

Search Engines are now looking for something called LSI (latent semantic index).  This is basically like the theasaurus of target keywords.  They are looking for different synonyms for the same term within the article, so for  example, if you were writing about dogs, LSI inclusion would be having terms like “puppy”, “canines”, “mutts” and even different types of dogs.  The reason is any “natural” writing would not be focused on one particular keyword, instead you would write with many synonyms

Moral of the story.  Write content naturally without too much attention to the target SEO term and you will be fine.  Creating content for SEO or PPC can be an art and if you are having trouble, there is help available.

Tip #2: Attract links naturally

Don’t take part in linking schemes, loops, or link directories.  These are what I like to call “temporary gaming techniques”.  Anything that can be gamed (or cheated) within the search engines will be, but the top search engines like Google and Yahoo catch onto these schemes very quickly.

Recently, Google incorporate a new aspect to their “inbound link” algorithm.  Links are now connected to relative traffic…meaning that if your site is getting links in an unnatural way (bots, link exchanges, loops), then a good portion of them are going to be discredited.   This is the stark difference between ‘organic’ SEO and articial techniques.

There are many real solutions out there for obtaining one-way quality backlinks. Article directories(discussed in tip #4), other relevant sites and blogs, and open directory projects like DMOZ, Yahoo Directory, and Open Directory Project are excellent solutions.  Another of my recommendations is offering to guest blog on a high PR blog that is relevant to your subject matter in exchange for a back link.  This can be an effective technique as well.

Understanding back-linking techniques can be critical to your SEO efforts.  We suggest you take some time to understand these specifics or getting training from an institution or company that fully understands the mechanics of back-linking.

Tip #3:  Focus on creating value versus following algorithms

Search engines are always updating their algorithms…this comes for a couple of rasons.  The first being they are always trying to improve the user experience based on their sophisticated research and feedback.  Remember, the top search engines like Google make their money by offering QUALITY search results.  People would not use your search.

So, that takes us to the second point.  Search engines actually make a collective effort to remove sites that are artificially ranked too high…sites that have implemented a organic search engine optimization campaign that revolved around a techinical strategy versus a content one.

Everytime there is a shuffle in the search engine alrogithms you always see people screaming, panicing, whining and in many cases furious.  Who are these people?  People that tried to game the system and got caught.  It sucks getting caught doesn’t it.  The best strategy you can implement and one that will lead to the longest organic search resistance is one of offering a valuable resource.

Tip #4: Build your links & traffic base with top PR article directories

Many article submission sites out there allow you to manually submit articles of almost any nature.  That is fine and dandy, but the powerful aspect of this is having the ability to obtain a one way back-link.

Remember how I mentioned that backlinks should be proportional to the traffic you get.  This is a sure way of doing it because as your articles get ranked, you will get traffic along with quality and relevant anchor link BL’s.

Here are the top 20 Do Follow article directories that will help boost your organic SEO rankings.

  1. EzineArticles PR 6
  2. GoArticles PR 6
  3. SelfGrowth PR6
  4. iSnare PR6
  5. ArticleDashboard PR5
  6. Buzzle PR5
  7. ArticleCity PR5
  8. SiteReference PR5
  9. TheWhir PR5
  10. Articlet PR5
  11. ArticlesFactory PR4
  12. Articler PR4
  13. IdeaMarketers PR3
  14. ArticleRich PR3
  15. WebSource PR3
  16. ArticleCompilation PR3
  17. ArticlePros PR3
  18. TalkinMince PR3
  19. AllBestArticles Pr3
  20. Amazines PR2

Hope this helps you out with your natural SEO efforts.  The main ideas you should follow are writing with quality versus trying to technically fool the search engine algorithms into thinking your site is optimized.  Eventually you will get caught if you try “artificial” techniques and will lose rankings quicky.



PS.  If you want to learn more about the Online Marketing Business, click here.

Easy ways to SEO your WordPress Blog

Many people overlook some of the core assests of WordPress…


Some of us use lots of them, some of us have our favorites, and some of use really don’t know what the heck a plug-ins is.  However, if you are not utilizing the set of SEO based plug-ins within your WordPress blog, then you need to start.

First off, my favorite and it happens to be installed with every WordPress Express blog.  It is the All in One SEO Pack, which is the first SEO plugin that I install on every WP blog that I own.

All in One SEO Pack is really cool because it “primes” your site to be good at SEO.  Many people have trouble naming their pages correctly, setting up their folder extensions, name meta tags, working with tags, working with page titles….but this plug-in does it all for you.

Here are just a few features of this plugin:

  • Fine tune your navigational links
  • Built in API…meaning other WordPress plugins can extend the functionality
  • Automatically optimizes the Title tags for search engines (very important)
  • Auto-generates your pages META tags
  • Avoids duplicate content (an SEO no no)
  • Full control of your meta description and meta keywords

OK…so that tool is cool right.

But here is the really cool part.  In less than a couple of days writing content on my blog, I can get prime listings within Google. No back-links, no extra work required.  Yes, back-links will definitely help…but stand-alone, out of the box, my WordPress blog is already getting listed in Google…and already getting some VERY TARGETED traffic, SEO STYLE!!!

So, utilizing a plugin like All in One SEO is probably the very easiest way to get your WordPress Express blogs up and running in terms of SEO…but as we continue this journey, I will be outlining some more advanced techniques and case studies to improve your SEO!

To your creativity and SEO success,

Crafty Content