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How goes it in the world of content?  There is a new and upcoming Article Directory that I wanted to let you all in on…and one that you can really leverage to create an internet brand, get a jump start accruing status, and build up your overall content reach.  This latest article directory is the new kid on the block and is already showing promising results.

Street Articles

It is important to understand that when a new article directory comes around, it can either be of great benefit to you to get in early, or you can wait it out to see what happens.  However, imagine if you were first on board when started taking off…or you were first to set your mark within the directory.

Now is a great time to pick up and get ranked under the more broad search terms.  Now is a good time to start building your way towards expert status.  Now is your time to build creativity within the system.  Now is the time to pick up some good pen names that you want to use to write with going forward.

If I have learned anything about marketing or writing over the years is that it is better to be the first than the last.  This includes anything related to the Internet.

So today, I invite you to create your free account within the newest kid on the block,


How to get Visitor Loyalty on Your Blog

I will always say this. Write with quality and write often on your WordPress sites.

There are a few reasons for this.

(1) You will become much better at writing the more often you write.
(2) You will have much more opportunity to get ranked within Search Engines
(3) Visitor Loyalty

If your blog is regularly updated, you will get people coming back to visit your blog all the time. This is what you want as a site owner as it will give you multiple opportunities to leverage the same traffic to earn revenue from your site.

Many people approach writing on their blogs in the wrong way .  People tend to think “keywords” instead of thinking value.  I know, there is one common goal with a blog and that is to get traffic, but sometimes focusing to heavily on the keywords within your articles can sacrifice your own ingenuity…and ultimately, make your blog content much less intriguing.

Interesting sites yield a much more powerful Word of Mouth advertising.  This is an added benefit of writing “from the hip” as I like to call it.  Write as though you were speaking to someone rather than following a precise content agenda. If you write an intriguing article, people will share it with their friends. Sometimes, they will even contact their mailing lists (10,000’s) of people letting them them know about your blog post. This DOES happen!

So, when writing your blog posts, make them interesting.  Write regularly and be real with your visitors.  They will reward you by visiting your site over and over again, recommending your site to others, and in some cases, even sending out a mass mailout to their subscriber lists to let them know about your “great” content.

Write with intrigue. Captivate the audience. Get repeat visitors!

Take it easy,