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Some people seek out the best medium to fulfill their passion, to get their voice out there, and ultimately to earn money online.  The best way to do this by far is a web log…aslo known as a blog.

What is a blog?

Well, you see this very page you are on right now…this is a blog.  This is my Crafty Content Blog.  This blog took me 32 seconds to create using a brand new system called WordPress Express which makes the creation of a WordPress blog so simple an complete dummy could do it.


If you can click a mouse 3 times you can create a blog using WordPress Express.

A few samples

See the above image.  These are just a couple of the over 1,300 templates you get to choose from.  These three sites were created by me and I spent less than 2 minutes in total putting all three of these together.

Let’s say I wanted to build a weight loss site.  I am passionate about this subject, so I decide to create a site on it.  I then write some content, write a couple of blog posts, and whammo, I have a full fledge blog that is ready to be seen by the world!  I can also do whatever I want to these blogs.  If I want to drop some affiliate links on them, I can do that.  If I want to put adsense on them, I can do that as well.  It is simple and I can more money the more traffic I get to it.

Cool stuff huh..

The more and more the Internet changes, the more and more powerful a blog has become.  Gone are the days of building sites with HTML editors and getting love from Google.  Now you need a site with unique content, multiple pages, and fresh content regularly.  Blogs are the no-brainer option to achieve this, with WordPress blogs leading the pack.

WordPress express simplifies this.  It makes life easy.  It makes multiple domain management easy.  It makes earning money online much easier.

Instead of focusing on building a website, now all you need to do is focus on your content creation and marketing.  Both of which are taught within Wealthy Affiliate, the only place where you can get access to WordPress Express.

Now go out there and get your own website!

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