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Have you ever wondered what it takes to really learn Internet marketing?  Many people say it is something that can be self taughtInternet Marketing Training through Internet Marketing Training, whereas other (mainly companies in the industry) try to convince you that it is too difficult to learn on your own and you need pay large fees to consulting services to achieve results.

I want to answer these questions for you and help you make your own decision as to what you need.  I know the Internet marketing world inside and out and I am going to explain my thoughts and opinions on getting an education in IM within the following post.

Understanding Internet Marketing

First things first, Internet marketing is a pretty broad term and can mean many things to many different people.   Internet marketing in it’s broadest form is “marketing of products and services on the net”.  You can read the wikipedia definition of Internet marketing if you want a complex response, but essentially that is all it is.

The thing that makes it more complex is (a) how you promote products (get traffic) (b) what your objectives or (are you the company or an affiliate).

The Vast World of IM

You may have heard terms like Search Engine Marketing, SEO, pay-per-click marketing, CPA marketing, article marketing, affiliate marketing, affiliate, merchant, tweeting, facebook, email marketing…the list goes on.

This is all encapsulated under the “Internet Marketing Umbrella”.  That is the reason people get so confused when they go to get training.  They really are unsure of the best way to achieve their objectives and in many cases, exactly what they need.

(1) Starting an Internet Marketing Business for your Yourself

If you are looking  to become an affiliate marketer or become a merchant (sell your own products or services), this is what I consider starting a business for yourself.  This could be anyone and if you are looking to start a business online without owning a product, you can easily do this.

There are many different business models that work.  All you need is a website and in this day and age, it is very easy to get a website up and running (and ultimately earning you money).

Once you get a website, you need to find programs to promote (affiliate programs).  Once you sign-up for these (free), your goal is traffic and building content on your website.

Sound a little difficult?   It really isn’t and there are so many ways in which a website can be created, 100,000’s of affiliate programs, and quick and easy ways to get traffic (through various techniques)…that there is an opportunity for all of us.  However, in order to succeed, you need to get an Internet marketing education.  You need to get trained and learn the latest strategies.  There are excellent Internet Marketing Training sites out there that provide University style training plans for very affordable prices.

(2) Promoting an Existing Business through IM Strategies

If you have a local business, offline or online, this is what I call promoting an existing business.  If you fit into this category, you need to create a plan for attracting local traffic.

Say you are a “florist” company in Little Rock, Arkansas looking to create on online presence.  Search Engine Optimization for Florist

There are many ways in which you can do this and it would start off with a solid Internet Marketing plan.  Ideally you would want to implement a paid search campaign that would target the search terms that would be relevant to your site.   You would also want to put some emphasis on getting natural search engine rankings under top search terms “buy flowers in Little Rock Arkansas” through a solid Search Engine Optimization strategy.

Can this be taught or learned and implemented in-house?  Yes.   If you want to save a lot of money and learn exactly how to market your business online, you will invest in getting trained versus spending money to get consulting from another company.  An Internet marketing company typically charges out a percentage of your monthly ad spend (several $1000) an ongoing monthly maintenance cost (usually around $500 – $1000).  You can easily see that a consulting solution could add up to $30K-$50K per year.

If you want to do it in house or training employees to do your online marketing strategy, there are Internet Marketing Training companies that are very affordable.  You can usually get an education platform with tools and support for less than $200 per month, and often times this will include hosting, keyword tools, support, in addition to the training.  One company that offers such Internet Marketing training is Wealthy Affiliate.

Where most people fail at IM

Like any other business start-up, a good majority of people fail.  In fact, close to 80 percent fail within the first year, and another 80% fail within the next 5 years.  Only 4% of people succeed after 5 years!

This is very misleading and I believe there are a few reasons for failure that can be “corrected” to lead to online business success.  There are 3 main reasons that I have found that people fail online:

Reason 1: Seek out too many solutions – This is a big one.  People always look for the “next best thing” instead of seeking out a proven strategy.  There is no such thing as a magic bullet in the Internet marketing world and it does take hard work to achieve results.  People tend to become serial buyers (of any related product) and end up wasting money.  Focus!

Reason 2: Inadequate or outdated training – A good deal of the training out there is outdated.  There are only a small handful of companies within the IM world that stay current.  In fact, most of the consulting companies that charge the big bucks don’t even follow the trends or know the current strategies.  It is key that you  learn from from a company that stays current and that you are not being overcharged.  You only have to do a quick search in Google (which you have likely done to get to this page) to see how many Internet marketing training & education sites there are out there.  Sometimes it can be hard to weed through these.

Reason 3: Take Advice from the Wrong People – there are many companies and “guru’s” out there that simply give out false advice.  One of the biggest ones is the claim that these sites can get you listed under “broad search terms” in a couple of days.  If an offer seems like it is too good to be true, it probably is.  Make sure you do your homework online before investing $.

Conclusive Internet Marketing Training Evidence

I conclusively believe that the proper Internet Marketing Training regime can make the difference between a solid online presence and one that is failing.  Simply reading a bit of free content online can be appealing (because it doesn’t cost anything), but often times it will not match all the pieces of the puzzle.  The Internet shifts quickly and I do recommend a quality internet marketing training plan for your business or your start-up.

Hope this post was helpful to you!  Happy marketing!



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