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Many of you probably are wondering how to embed a YouTube video on your WordPress Blog.  There are millions of YouTube video’s that are freely available for you to add to your blog, many are informational and helpful videos, some are funny, some are smart, some are just plain weird.

You may even own some YouTube videos that you would like to “showcase” on your blog. Whatever the case, I am going to show you how to do this with a little video I found on believe it or not…YOUTUBE! Imagine that.

The video below explains putting a YouTube video on your WordPress blog in a very simple way.

I found this video very helpful…in fact you can use it to add a video to your WordPress blog.    Before I leave you today, I want to give you some REAL benefits to adding videos to your WordPress sites:

Benefit #1: People love to watch videos. Entertain people and they will invest their #1 commodity to you…TIME.  People also like to send their friends things that are helpful, informative, interesting, weird, funny, and sexy.

Benefit #2: You can help people. When you help people, you help your personal brand.  The more back scratching you do, the more you will receive in return.  There are great financial rewards to helping people.

Benefit #3: Save you time. Which in turns will save you money.  You can leverage other people’s videos to save you time, yet still offer some very powerful content.

Look at the page I have created here…you don’t hate me for offering the information to you.  I deliver what I say I am going to…and you have become more education and powerful because of it.

I saved myself time (by not having to create the video), and I saved you time by you not having to fumble through the video embedding process.

Now go out and put some YouTube videos on your WordPress Express site!

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