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How to get content in Google?

A big question many people have:

“How the heck do I get my content listed in Google?”.

For example, how did I get my site listed #1 out of millions for the word “crafty content” within Google in under 2 days.

Crafty Content Gets Ranked #1

There are many benefits to getting content listed in Google…many of them financial, but for some people it is just a personal achievement.

For example, if this blog post content gets listed in Google, and someone does a search for “how to get my content in Google”…my site will get listed.  That is pretty cool.

But what is the point?

Well, for one I have just acquired a visitor.  A visitor is web traffic.  And traffic is the most sought after resource online.  Think of it like OIL or GOLD of the Internet world.  If you can get your content listed, you get traffic, and you have the opportunity to leverage this traffic into some nice, crisp Benjamin Franklins.

How do most people get traffic from getting their blog content listed in Google?

There really are a number of ways that you can accomplish this, but the main ways are:

(1) Search Engine Optimization – this is where people write content relevant to specific subjects and keyword phrases.  It also involves things like getting one way back-links to your website through other relevant websites, and creating content on a regular basis.  If Google sees that other sites are linking to yours, they will definitely get your content into their search engines quicker.

(2) Article Marketing – many people leverage article directories like,,, and many others to drive traffic to their blog.  Basically how it works is that you submit relevant articles to these directories and they get picked-up in Google (SEO style).  People read your article and at the end, you drop a link to your blog, and they click-through.  Many of these directories offer “do follow” links which mean each link you drop within the article will count as a one way link…thus boosting your Page Rank in Google.

These are the two mains ways to get your content in Google.

I recommend doing a hybrid of both to get the best results.  Aim to write and submit 3-5 articles per week…and aim to write and post at least 3 blog posts per week.  And lastly, work on getting one way back-links.  You can do this using one of the services out there, using social bookmarking sites, or you can leverage existing blogs comments area (where permitted) or wide open forums that are relevant to your site.

Take it easy,

Crafty Content