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Easy ways to SEO your WordPress Blog

Many people overlook some of the core assests of WordPress…


Some of us use lots of them, some of us have our favorites, and some of use really don’t know what the heck a plug-ins is.  However, if you are not utilizing the set of SEO based plug-ins within your WordPress blog, then you need to start.

First off, my favorite and it happens to be installed with every WordPress Express blog.  It is the All in One SEO Pack, which is the first SEO plugin that I install on every WP blog that I own.

All in One SEO Pack is really cool because it “primes” your site to be good at SEO.  Many people have trouble naming their pages correctly, setting up their folder extensions, name meta tags, working with tags, working with page titles….but this plug-in does it all for you.

Here are just a few features of this plugin:

  • Fine tune your navigational links
  • Built in API…meaning other WordPress plugins can extend the functionality
  • Automatically optimizes the Title tags for search engines (very important)
  • Auto-generates your pages META tags
  • Avoids duplicate content (an SEO no no)
  • Full control of your meta description and meta keywords

OK…so that tool is cool right.

But here is the really cool part.  In less than a couple of days writing content on my blog, I can get prime listings within Google. No back-links, no extra work required.  Yes, back-links will definitely help…but stand-alone, out of the box, my WordPress blog is already getting listed in Google…and already getting some VERY TARGETED traffic, SEO STYLE!!!

So, utilizing a plugin like All in One SEO is probably the very easiest way to get your WordPress Express blogs up and running in terms of SEO…but as we continue this journey, I will be outlining some more advanced techniques and case studies to improve your SEO!

To your creativity and SEO success,

Crafty Content