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Before I get into a discussion of Wealthy Affiliate University (WAU) and what sort of training and tools the facility there offers, I want to explain a bit about the “state of the Internet”.

2009 and 2010 were major SHIFTING years for the Internet marketing business.  Advertisers have been getting slapped left and right, people saw there business go from HERO to ZERO, and a lot of people were absolutely wiped out of the business altogether.  What gives?

The Fundamental Internet Marketing Changes

The FTC made a ruling (PDF) in October of 2009 started the ripple of changes that we are seeing today on the Internet.  Basically, the FTC came in to regulate people promoting products/services online without acknowledging they were not getting something in return.  For example, many bloggers were giving products rave reviews, but were getting free product or other monetary incentives to post about the product…and unexpecting consumers were not aware of this back end deal.

Google followed suits, removing A LOT of accounts that did not meet their quality criteria.  They also made a shift in their business that would prevent both Search Engine Marketers and PPC advertisers from gaming their natural and paid search systems.  Among the major changes to their SEO search index (coined “Caffiene”), is the new backlinking algorithm that takes into consideration “traffic” along side backlinks.  Google will actually discredit backlinks if they seem unwarranted.

In regards to PPC, Google saw their search losing quality because their paid times were often not relevant, had the wrong intentions (pure promotional), or did not offer any value to the searcher.   Because of this they have implemented a Quality Score system that has been updated drastically.  Affiliate links are “liked”, squeeze pages (email marketing) is becoming passe, and keyword injected landing pages are losing steam fast.

That leads me to the next item…

How has Wealthy Affiliate University Addressed these changes?

In order to keep up with the times, a school has to keep up with their training and tools.  Wealthy Affiliate University has made Wealthy Affiliate Universityconstant updates over the past 2 years to keep up with the always changing Internet marketing environment.  They have taken a 3 pronged approach to the training. 

They are as follows:

(1) A brand new website creator

A website is an absolute must these days if you plan on entering the Internet marketing business.  The reason is that all forms of advertising now require a website, whether it is SEO, PPC, or article marketing.  This shift has been put into place by the main search engines like Google to prevent people from direct linking…ie, not offering value, just promoting.

Wealthy Affiliate University now has WordPress Express, their latest website development tool.   You can read my outline of this tool within my blog post, Why WordPress Express.

This website tool is excellent for many reasons.  The main ones being that it creates sites that are loved by the search engines, sites that work well for PPC, and it leverages the largest open-source website framework out there in WordPress, which has over 10,000 plug-ins that you can add to your site to perform just about any function.

This website tool is included within the Wealthy Affiliate back-end.  You can also check out my post on “How to Make Your Own Website“.

(2) New training to reflect changes

Unlike other offline schools, Wealthy Affiliate University has the ability to update their training and resources in an instant manner as it is delivered and updated digitally.  The recent changes to the way we market online have been documented within Wealthy Affiliate University and put into new training tutorials, videos and guides.

Some of the latest tutorials include:

  • A Newbie’s Guide to Avoiding Sharks While Surfing (TUTORIAL)
  • Accurate Domain + Same Title = Top 5 Google Ranking (TUTORIAL)
  • How to get SEO Rankings by Cherry Picking (TUTORIAL)
  • Simple SEO Tactics for your Product Reviews (VIDEO)
  • How to Obtain Relevant Back-links (TUTORIAL)
  • Building a Profitable Website (VIDEO)
  • How to create a successful WordPress site (TUTORIAL)

These were just added within the last week and are a small component of the over 550 quality tutorials, videos, and guides within the the Training Center.

Current updates and training can make the difference between proper implementation, and a failed campaign.  WAU is updated almost daily.

(3) Taking the emphasis away from just a few techniques

There are many ways to create an Internet Marketing Business…in fact, way too many to even list on the page here.  Sometimes we forget about some of the most obvious techniques and stick to what we hear about.  The most common promotional techniques online are PPC, SEO, and article marketing, but there are many other ways and other offers that you can leverage to create a successful business.

Because of this, WAU has ramped up their training and are moving into some brand new categories.  CPA networks, iPhone Advertising, mobile advertising, copywriting techniques, developing your own products, and ad networks like Kontera and Infolinks to earn additional revenue from your existing traffic.

Advancements in the WordPress area has also been one of the main additions lately and I am sure will continue going forward.  The best way to tackle new changes to any industry is to focus on it as a whole.

What is the Requisite Knowledge need going into Wealthy Affiliate University?

You don’t have to be a genius to acquire an awesome education and become an expert in your craft.  What you do need is the knowledge and belief that you can accomplish anything.  I know that when I started out I knew that even if I did not make much progress of it within the first month, the opportunity needed time to grow as I learned more and acquired more knowledge.

Think of any job out there.  The more time and energy you invest in it, the better you become at it.   If you are a stock broker and you spent the last 5 years researching the market, learning about different trading techniques, and making regular trades for yourselves and clients, you are a much more successful stock broken and have likely earned a good deal of money in the process.

Same goes for Internet marketing.  The more time and energy you invest into your training and actually “DOING”, the better you become.  Unlike a conventional 9-5 job though, the financial rewards can be much more significant as you have total control of the amount of success you can achieve!

At Wealthy Affiliate University, you can come in as a complete newbie and become an intermediate to advanced marketer very quickly.  The reason for this is they not only teach you what to do, they give you precise “action steps” you need to take in order to achieve your desire results.  You also have the website, keyword, content, and hosting tools you need to build your business.

And unlike anything else out there, if you get stuck, you can personally get 1-on-1 support from the owners Kyle & Carson.  They are always around and will be more than willing to help you with your questions, problems, issues and help you turn your ideas into tangible businesses.

How many people can really do this “Internet Marketing” thing?

Many people have what it takes, yet they don’t realize it.  Some people think that you have to be “different” to start any form of business…and in order to be successful, some people think there is a “secret”.  Well there isn’t…I can say this from experience.  There are TWO qualities that you need, and if you have these, you will be a prime candidate for starting an Internet marekting business.

(1) Ability to Work Hard
(2) Ability to Persevere

That’s it.  If you carry these two qualities, working hard and perseverance, you can be good at business, in particular, the Internet Marketing Business.

I hope this post was helpful.

Crafty Content

PS. Your feedback and questions are welcomed…please leave them below and I will get back to you.