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What is WordPress Hosting?

In order to understand where and how to host your WordPress blog, you should first understand what WordPress hosting is and how it works.  WordPress is a framework that allows you to create sites/blogs like this very page you are on.  This is actually a post, but with a WordPress site you can create a variety of different pages, sites, widgets, looks, and it has over 10,000 feature enhancements called plug-ins.

All in all, WordPress is the way of the future online and if you are looking to create a site for a hobby, for a business, or for Internet marketing purposes, WordPress is the way to go.

BUT, in order to have your very own hosted WordPress blog (ie, on your own domain), you need to have some form of hosting.  Hosting is simply the place where your website resides and you can use essentially any web host for this.  There are a few things that you need to look out for and consider before getting WordPress hosting and I am going to help you with some tips and insight.

Different Kinds of WordPress Hosting

There are a few different types of WordPress hosting and which one you choose will depend on your situation and your technical know how.   For some of you that are simply looking for a “voice” or to hobby write, then a hosted WordPress solution is probably fine.  This is the basic, free, and essentially non-business hosting method.

Then you have shared hosting options that allow you to have full control of your WordPress sites, including having your WordPress on your own domain.  This is ideal for business activities, branding, Internet marketing ventures, and the ideal route if you plan on doing anything with your site.  Let’s take a deeper look into these and I will provide you with places you can get these solutions.

(1) Hosted WordPress Sites

This is the most typical if you are just looking to create a hobby site.  This means a site that you are not looking to gain from financially, rather you would like to simply get your voice out and have the ability to share information with your friends and family.  I have always kept away from free services like this simply for the fact that when you are on someone else’s domain, they control that domain.  Without you having your own Internet address (owning your domain), you are at the mercy of their discretion.

In saying this, if you are simply looking for a way to get info up, a free service like offers will be just fine.  If you are looking for something more and your own space, I would suggest you check out one of our shared WordPress solutions (as I outline below).

(2) Shared WordPress Hosting (own domain)

The Shared solution is probably the most common, but it is definitely not the easiest approach to setting up your own WordPress site.  The good thing about having your WordPress Hosting separate from any other service is that you have full control and you can host it on your own domain.

Essentially you are paying for a hosting company (almost all offer support for PHP & MySQL) which WordPress requires, and they store your WordPress site(s) on their servers in exchange for a few.  This is typically around $10 per month, but will vary on the service.

The only drawback with your typical shared hosting is that for many people that have a tough time with “techy stuff” it may be a learning curve to get your first blog up and running on the net.  However, after this it becomes much easier.  I have used shared WordPress hosting for some of my blogs and I found it a little complicated at first, but it was a breeze after that.

One of the better offerings out there for shared hosting is Host Gator.

(3) Simplified Shared WordPress Hosting

OK, this is the solution that I use and recommend you use if you are looking to save a lot of time.  Time equates to money in my books and if I can simplify things, it is well worth it!  What differs from Simplified Shared and Shared is that Simplified WordPress hosting takes all the technology out of the equation.

You can simply click a few buttons and have your own WordPress blog up and running.  For me, I used WordPress Express to create this blog and it took my less than a minute to set-up.  I choose the domain, I choose a blog name, I choose a theme (template), and I clicked “Create Blog”.

You can read more about creating a blog and techniques here.  Services like this are a little bit more expenseive and can run up to $200 per month, however they will save you a lot of time (and ultimately money) and usually come with extras.  The one I mentioned is an included feature within the largest Internet Marketing training community online (Wealthy Affiliate), so you get this in addition to training for the included cost.

How do you create a WordPress Site?

You may be asking yourself as many people do, what is the best way to set-up my WordPress site.  While I have discussed this in great detail in my “How to create a WordPress blog” page.  This will answer the missing questions like how to link up your hosting to your domain, what are the best free and paid services out there, and how to rationalize between your time and your money when setting up your WordPress sites.

Read more info on that here.

Hope you enjoyed this post and as always, I encourage you to leave feedback below if you have any questions or comments.


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