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To love or hate ellipsis?

Before I go on my rant here…if you don’t know what an ellipsis, I want to explain that.

That is an ellipsis.  I already used one in the first sentence…oh, and there is another.

The question many people new to this wonder, are they effective and why would you use them.  You are not taught to write these in English 101.  In fact, they are frowned upon.

So why would people be so cool wit’ it in the online world.

Well, first off…it is only cool some of the times.  If you are writing a technical document, or you have an enterprise site like Microsoft, you may want to hold off.  Same with formal, dry, and boring training.  You may want to keep it dry and boring by writing it at a grade 12 level.

But, writing with ellipsis works great on blogs, in emails, or when you are just getting personal with people.  The reason is that people “text” like this.  People type like this in their little instant messaging window.  And people write their friends on facebook like this.

Did you notice one catch word in the last sentence…FRIENDS.

Friends write like this to each other.  So when you type an email and send it out to your list, or you write a blog post about writing with ellipsis to random people all over the world, they are cool wit’ it.  They view it more as a friend, more personal, and often times react to it in a more proactive way.

Worst case scenario…they will not get bored and close the window.  Writing like a friend will lead to longer “Time on Page”…which equates to more content read…which typically leads to more conversions (and $$$).

how to write with ellipsis

Peace and ellipsis,

Crafty Content