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Writing for QUALITY, not Quantity

Writing for the Net

What is a good writer?  What qualities do they have that separate them from the rest and what do they like to write about?

There are 3 things that I think make a good writer. I like to call these the 3 P’s.

(1) Passion

How fun is it to do something you don’t like.  What if you hated playing sports, but you loved art.  Would you decide to go down to the park and kick a soccer ball around or would you pull out your easel and paint a picture.  Probably the latter.  The thing that really gets me about the Internet is that all to often people choose a niche that they don’t enjoy.  They choose a niche based on what they think will be most “profitable” rather than what they are passionate about.  This leads to much less success because passion leads to success, not the niche you choose.  You can be successful within any niche.

(2) Practice

You know the good ol’ cliche: Practice makes Perfect.  Well, you can never become perfect at anything, but the more practice you get, the closer you become to being perfect.  As Malcolm Gladwell noted in his Outliers book, it takes 10 years to become an expert at anything.  This means if you apply yourself for 10 years at writing, basketball, mechanics, etc..and make it your passion, you can become an expert.  I truly do believe it is close to this, but the more your practice, the quicker you can speed up the process.

(3) Participation

Be interactive with the people you are writing to.  If you want people to participate, you need to get them to participate.  Ask people to comment on your blog posts.  Ask people to share.  Ask people tough questions.  Be provocative…get people chatting about your site.  Be opinionated.  The more engaging your are, the more people will read your “stuff”.

Something that does not necessarily make you a brilliant writer is EDUCATION!  The reason I say this is that most formal education offers you advice on how to write in a specific manner.  A manner in which they are TOLD is the way to write.

However, people don’t like reading essays.  Shouldn’t the end user you are writing to get to decide what is good and what isn’t.  Well, in this information age, they do decide.  And they decide by either visiting your site or not visting your site.  They vote by writing good comments and bad comments on your blog.

And they vote by telling their friends and acquaintances.

This is big.  Real big.

If you get any compliments about your site, the ultimate form will be in “word of mouth” potato passing of your domain name.  If you can get this, you will get a following.  A following will equate to success online.  It will also allow you to create the ultimate medium.

So what is this ultimate medium?

One where you can write and make a difference.  You can help people.  You can move people.  You can educate people.  You can make fun of yourself and others (in a nice way).

And people read it!

How freakin’ cool is that?  To be honest, it is the biggest privilege in the world to have someone care about what you think…and to have 1,000’s of people that care, it means you are really on to something.

There you have it.  Writing for the new world, 101 style.

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